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Blind Contact Lenses

Pocket Darkroom Experience

pocket darkroom whiteout blackout contact lenses

Visual Sensory Deprivation...

Unlike blindfolds, once worn, BLIND contact lenses can't slip off and don't obscure the face.

As seen on Kink.com Insex.com and many other BDSM adult movies and horror films.


   "An incredible experience and looks amazing" and ink.com









Easy to put in, comfortable to wear. Price listed is per pair.




All BLIND™ lenses are soft contact lenses made from FDA approved materials

ISO 9001 quality management certified

High oxygen permeability and 38% water content for comfort

Diameter: 14.5mm     Base Curce: 8.5

Thickness at centre: 0.13mm

Power (Not applicable):  0.00DD


All of these lenses are sold as a pair (2 lenses) packaged in individual sealed vials.

These lenses can be worn in the same way as any normal contact lenses for up to 6 hours.  Once opened, they will last for 3-6 months with careful storage and irregular use.

Wearer will still be able to make out points of intense light such as a lightbulb but should not be left alone for safety reasons. Clean with saline solution before insertion.

Never share the lenses with others. Use good hygiene upon insertion & removal. Clean with multi purpose sterile saline contact lens fluid (available from any chemist) before and after use.

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Contact Lenses

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