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Blind Contact Lenses

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Are "BLIND" contact lenses safe? Do they hurt to wear?


All our lenses are designed to be very comfortable as they are made out of soft materials that are hardly noticeable once inserted so, generally not at all. Certainly no more than any normal contact lens available on the market. Coloured contact lenses are safe and are ISA approved (ISA9001) and CE approved for use in the UK & Europe.


It is, however, important to follow the safety rules and look after the lenses by using special contact solution. Each lens we supply comes with a detailed care leaflet and we recommend that you read this before inserting your coloured lenses, even if you have used them before.


Contact lenses can become uncomfortable to wear if they accumulate dirt or have not been cleaned properly. It is important that you clean your lenses daily, which can simply be done by changing the lens solution in a case daily. If you do feel any irritation, remove the lenses immediately and leave them in fresh lens solution.


Of course, once in you will not be able to see at all so be aware of dangers in your environment prior to insertion.

Believe it or not, operating heavy machinery while wearing BLIND contact lenses, isn't safe.


Is ordering online safe?


Yes, absolutely. All orders are processed through Paypal. Your card details are not stored on our server and our payments interface is provided by SagePay. If you have any concerns over the security of your information or transaction, please don't hesitate to contact us.


I no longer require my order, how do I receive a refund?


We will happily refund any order once the items have been returned in original, un-opened condition to the address listed on our contact us page.


What if my lenses are faulty?


If your lenses are not received in perfect condition, you can return them to us, including all packaging, to the following address.


What are the specifications of your cosmetic lenses?


The base curve of our sclera lenses is 8.6 and the diameter is 15mm


Do I need to have a contact lens fitting to wear BLIND?


As our products are not lenses by definition (they are non-prescription plano lenses which do not alter your vision), you don't need a lens fitting consultation prior to wear. However, as the placement of an eye accessory such as these on your eye is something which should be done very carefully indeed; we always recommend you visit your optician for a lens fitting prior to wear - especially if you are not a first time user.


Can I wear my lenses overnight?


No - never sleep in your lenses or prolong the use of lenses longer than is necessary. You can starve your eye of oxygen by doing this and cause damage. Always remember to take your lenses out before going to sleep.


How long will my lenses last?


BLIND contacts range of eye accessories are designed for use up to 3 months from opening provided the lenses are well cared for, stored and handled properly. Check each product page to see the stated use period.


Do I require a prescription for purchase?


The devices sold on this site are not contact lenses. A lens is by definition, an optical element which converges or diverges light. Our devices do not alter vision in this way and so are not considered contact lenses and as such do not require a prescription for sale in the UK. This can be compared to the reason by vision altering glasses legally require a prescription by an optometrist, but non vision altering fancy dress glasses or sunglasses do not. We describe the devices as “contact lenses” purely for marketing purposes.


Can I order internationally?


Yes, however please be aware that although rare, our fashion lenses can be subject to scrutiny by customs officials on import who mistake them for corrective contact lenses rather than an FDA material approved fashion accessory. We cannot be held accountable for decisions at customs control outside the UK and international orders are made at the customers sole risk. if your item is delayed or held by customs you should contact the relevant department at your local customs office for advice.

We will only compensate against loss or damage for shipments inside the UK (Recorded delivery), or internationally by tracked courier. This is because we cannot be held accountable for the actions of postal services in other countries as we have no experience of them and are unable to claim compensation. The exception to this is the international courier options, which we highly recommend.


Are these lenses hard lenses or soft lenses?


Our lenses are all what you would regard as a soft lens.  They are all soft  and flexible, as we offer lenses from a number of brands and suppliers the exact composition of the lenses will vary and as such so will the overall softness and flexibility.


Can you wear 2 contact lenses in one eye?


I have absolutely no idea why you would want to wear a BLIND lens with a corrective lens, so let's just go with no!


Do the prices include VAT?


Yes, all our prices include VAT as rated within the UK.


Can I drive or operate heavy machinery while wearing BLIND contact lenses?


Erm....No.    No, we would not recommend it. At all.

Can You Ship Abroad? How long will it take?


Yes. Please select the appropriate "Worldwide" shipping from the options at the checkout.


If you need faster tracked delivery then you can choose a "Courier" delivery at the checkout (prices vary based on location):



- Recorded Delivery (1-2 days)


Worldwide Courier

- North America (2-3 days)

- Europe (1-3 days)

- Rest of the World (2-4 days)


Worldwide Airmail

-  Worldwide (5-10 days)


Can multiple people use the same pair of BLIND contact lenses?


No. NEVER share lenses with another person even if the lenses have been cleaned between uses. If two people will be wearing them, please buy two pairs and ensure that they are kept clearly separate.

Sharing any kind of contact lenses has a risk of serious eye infections such as conjuctivitis, corneal ulcers and can cause permanent loss of vision in extreme circumstances.


Can I Buy from you Wholesale?


Yes. Please contact me with a quantity (min. 20 pairs) that you would like and we will arrange a quote.