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Blind Contact Lenses

Pocket Darkroom Experience

pocket darkroom whiteout blackout contact lenses

Whiteout Opaque BLIND Contact Lenses


BLIND White Contact Lenses

All BLIND™ lenses are soft contact lenses made from FDA approved materials
ISO 9001 quality management certified
High oxygen permeability and 38% water content for comfort
Diameter: 14.5mm     Base Curce: 8.5
Thickness at centre: 0.13mm
Power (Not applicable):  0.00DD

All of these lenses are sold as a pair (2 lenses) packaged in individual sealed vials.

These lenses can be worn in the same way as any normal contact lenses for up to 6 hours.  Once opened, they will last for 3-6 months with careful storage and irregular use.
Wearer will still be able to make out light sources such as a lightbulb or the sun but should not be left alone for safety reasons. Clean with saline solution before insertion.
Never share the lenses with others. Use good hygiene upon insertion & removal. Clean with multi purpose sterile saline contact lens fluid (available from any chemist) before and after use.

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